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Sculpt your strongest, leanest, sexiest body yet with TRIM — the next-generation fat burner that empowers you to smash your physique goals by...
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    Shredding fat

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    Boosting metabolism

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    Reducing cravings⁠†

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    Training harder⁠†

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    Improving focus⁠†

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Beautifully Built Women

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Have you hit the wall?

You've worked your ass off to get this fit.

Showed up to the gym even when you didn't want to — and said "no" to dessert more times than you can count.

But even with all this effort, you're still not seeing the results you deserve.

You want to be able to look in the mirror and see all the progress you’ve made, but it just isn't happening.

Looks like you've hit The Wall. 

No matter what you try — changing up your diet or exercise routine — nothing seems to make a difference. 

You want to keep pushing, but it’s getting harder and harder to stay motivated and disciplined. 

What you need is something that will elevate your efforts to the next level so you can get over The Wall.

Well, you've come to the right place.

Push Past Your Limits with TRIM

TRIM is formulated with 1 goal in mind: To unlock the full athletic potential of the female body.

It provides the extra strength, focus, and drive you need to finally realize your peak physique.

Watch as your body transforms into a stunning masterpiece in just 90 days... or we'll refund your money!

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Trim works in

6 different ways

Attack fat

TRIM launches a relentless attack on stubborn fat stores across your entire body

Fight fatigue

TRIM delivers essential "energy nutrients" so you can finish even the toughest workouts.

Crush carvings

Temptation can derail your progress, but TRIM tames cravings to help you stay on track.

Rev metabolism

Increasing daily calorie burn can melt pounds of excess flab in just 12 weeks time.

Preserve muscle

Getting leaner doesn't mean losing muscle — TRIM makes sure you maintain lean mass.

Ignite workouts

Power through your routine (and burn more calories doing it) with help from TRIM.

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Here’s What’s Inside

The World's Most Advanced Fat Burning Formula for Women


Patented Cayenne Pepper Extract

Catching Fire: Capsimax boosts metabolic burn by 6% — even if you're on a calorie restricted diet.[1]

Fat Zapper: Test subjects taking Capsimax have more free fatty acids in their blood — proof that Capsimax attacks fat cells.[2]

Appetite Assassin: Capsimax curbs hunger — studies prove people who take it eat less calories than people who don't.[3]


Patented Ginseng and Astragalus Blend

Lit Fuse: InnoSlim is proven to increase adiponectin — the hormone that sets off a fat burning chain reaction.[4]

Empty Calories: InnoSlim decreases glucose uptake in the intestines so you absorb less calories from the foods you eat.[4]

Muscle Maker: The calories that do get absorbed are more likely to bypass fat cells and feed hungry muscle cells.[4]


Green Tea Extract and Green Coffee Extract

Metabolic Momentum: Green tea extract increases metabolism as much as 8% for 24 hours.[5]

Workout Buddy: Caffeine boosts your fat-burning abilities and raises your basal metabolic rate — especially before exercise.[6]

Queen of Lean: Green coffee extract has been shown to improve body composition after just 12 weeks.[7]


L-Arginine HCl

Swole Sister: This amino acid is a precursor to nitric oxide, which  supercharges workouts by boosting blood flow to muscles.[8]

Sweet Spot: Nitric oxide also promotes insulin and growth hormone synthesis which both contribute to healthy blood sugar. [8, 9]

Slim Reaper: This is how L-arginine can reduce fat mass while increasing lean muscle.[8]


Potassium Iodide

Metabolism Master: Your resting metabolic rate is largely determined by your thyroid hormone levels.[10]

Sad Fact: As many as 80% of adults struggle with a slow metabolism due to low-ish thyroid hormone levels.[11]

Alternative Energy: Thyroid hormones are made from iodine — so we've included some to give your thyroid a helping hand.[11]


Chromium Picolinate

Sugar Daddy: This essential mineral is critical for healthy glucose metabolism and insulin sensitivity.[12]

Carb Crusher: Research shows that supplementing with chromium may help reduce carb cravings.[13]

WATCH OUT: Modern diets are low in chromium, and it's also depleted by intense exercise.[14]


B6 + B9 + C + D

Hype Squad: Energy production in your muscles is impossible if you don't have enough B vitamins.[15]

Muscle Mechanic: Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant that aids in muscle repair and recovery.[16]

Super She-ro: Several studies show that Vitamin D switches on serious muscle strength.[17]


Calcium + Iron + Zinc

PB BFF: Besides building strong bones, Calcium is needed for strong muscle contractions.[18]

Just for Women: Iron is critical for peak performance — and women are at big risk for deficiency.[19]

Muscle Up: Zinc keeps workouts strong by promoting muscle repair after intense exercise.[20]

Black Pepper

95% Piperine

Absorption Enhancer: Black pepper extract increases nutrient absorption by as much as 2000%.[21] 

Results Accelerator:  Better absorption means faster results from TRIM — and more value for your money!

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Our Commitment to Transparency

We bring nothing but honesty.

Every fat burner claims to be the best. But if you look closer, you'll see that many of them hide their true intentions behind vague proprietary blends. This allows them to use cheap ingredients in minuscule amounts that don't work.

TRIM is different from the rest because it discloses every single ingredient and the exact amounts of each one. No more secrets or proprietary blends - just pure, honest ingredients.

TRIM is also made in a facility that is GMP-certified and FDA-approved, where quality control is stringent and only the safest, highest quality ingredients are ever used.

So you can rest assured that when you buy TRIM, you'll always know exactly what you're getting.


Gluten free

Dairy free

GMP certified

Soy free

Made in the USA

Order Now 100% Satisfaction, 60-day money back guarantee

Reach for Trim when it's time to:

Slay the Scene

Look drop dead gorgeous at parties, weddings, reunions, vacays, and photoshoots.

Turn Back the Clock

Your metabolism starts slowing after 25 — but TRIM rekindles the burning metabolism of your teens.

Put on Lean Muscle

TRIM is also great for bulking — it makes sure you get those mass gains — without packing on fat.

Erase Your Mistakes

Did you cheat on your routine over the weekend? Get your body back on track fast with TRIM.

Move Mountains

If you're doing everything right, but nothing's budging, TRIM can tip the scales in your favor.

Reveal Your 6 Pack

You're so close! Let TRIM melt away the last few pounds so you can show off those sexy abs.

Order Now 100% Satisfaction, 60-day money back guarantee

Get That Strong & Sculpted Look

In 3 Easy Steps...

Step 1

Take TRIM on an empty stomach 30 minutes before exercise — or 30 minutes before breakfast on non-exercise days.

Step 2

Enjoy all the awesome fat-burning benefits of TRIM — including extra energy and more endurance during workouts.

Step 3

Use daily to attain your body composition goals and look fantastic in that LBD, teenie bikini, and sexy teddy.

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90 Days To Your Best Body

Here's what you could expect from adding TRIM to your routine for 90 days*

Day 1

You're dying to see if TRIM lives up to the hype. Just 1 hour in and you're already feeling more energized. You ace your workout routine like it's nobody's business.

7 Days

Cravings no longer control you like they used to. This newfound freedom is a beautiful thing and you love feeling in control. The scale is starting to move.

30 days

You've upgraded to heavier weights, your body is tightening up, and people are starting ask questions... but you're keeping it low-key (for now).

90 Days

Now there's no denying your transformation. You're owning it and embracing the glow-up.  It's time to show off your hard-earned physique with some new outfits!

Unleash Your Inner Power Goddess!

Try TRIM today risk free and get ready for obvious results.

Order Now 100% Satisfaction, 60-day money back guarantee

*Results may vary from person to person. This timeline may not reflect the typical TRIM customer’s experience, and does not guarantee anyone will achieve
the same or similar results.

That Sexy, Ultra-Lean Physique is

Closer Than You Think

  • Sluggish metabolism
  • Slow motion fat burn
  • Fat cells locked down tight
  • Weak workouts
  • Feeling hangry + deprived
  • Meager fat loss results
  • Still looking saggy
  • Rapid metabolism
  • Fast fat burning
  • Stubborn fat stores unlocked
  • High energy workouts
  • Freedom from cravings
  • Maximum fat loss results
  • Tight and toned figure
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Get Ready to Realize Your Peak Physique!

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Tens of thousands of women rely on TRIM to create and maintain a lean and streamlined silhouette: a slender waistline, shapely shoulders and back, and toned arms and legs.

That's why we're completely confident in TRIM's ability to help you create a graceful, athletic appearance — and why we're willing to offer you this 60 Day Money Back Guarantee...

Try TRIM risk-free for up to 60 days, and if you don’t look built and feel beautiful, simply send back any unused bottles and we’ll gladly refund your full purchase price!

Order Now 100% Satisfaction, 60-day money back guarantee

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are our most frequently asked questions - if you have any other questions, feel free to drop us an email at support@capsiplex.com

How do I use TRIM?

Take TRIM on an empty stomach 30 minutes before exercise — or 30 minutes before breakfast on non-exercise days.

How long does 1 bottle of TRIM last?

Each bottle contains a 30 day supply of TRIM capsules.

How much TRIM should I order?

Trimming down should happen slowly over 2-4 months so you don't eat into your muscle stores. That’s why we recommend you order a three-month supply of Capsiplex TRIM. When you do, you will receive your fourth and fifth month FREE! Doing so not only saves you the most money, but it ensures you still have a decent supply of TRIM so you can easily maintain your results. Remember, you're always protected by our 60 Day Money Back Guarantee, so why not get the biggest savings and the most benefit from TRIM?

Do I need to change my lifestyle to use TRIM?

TRIM works best when combined with a strength training program and increased protein intake combined with a caloric deficit — but see what works best for you!

How much caffeine is in TRIM?

TRIM contains 150mg of caffeine per serving, so if you're sensitive to caffeine it may not be for you.  If you are in any doubt, please consult your doctor before using TRIM.

Who is TRIM for? 

TRIM is for ladies 18 and older who want to lose fat fast to reveal the muscle underneath. If you find yourself struggling to stay focused and motivated while training hard on a calorie restricted diet, then you'll love how much easier cutting is when you're taking TRIM every morning.

Who is TRIM NOT for?

If you have any existing medical conditions (or are pregnant, taking any medications or if you are in any doubt)  please consult your doctor before using TRIM.

Can men take TRIM?

We recommend that guys take BURN because it's specifically formulated for men. TBC

What if I’m not satisfied with TRIM?

Every order of TRIM is protected by a 60-day money back guarantee. That means we will gladly return everything you paid if you are not 100% satisfied with your results. Simply contact us within 60 days to return any unused bottles from your bundle and we’ll process your full refund.

Is my order secure?

We securely process all orders using 2048-bit encryption. This level of security is the same used by your bank.

After I place my order, how soon will I receive my package?

If you live in the United States or the United Kingdom, your order should arrive within 5 business days.

If you live in Australia, Canada or Europe your order should arrive within 10 business days.

Looking for shipping somewhere else? We ship globally to the majority of countries in as little as 14 days.

Order Now 100% Satisfaction, 60-day money back guarantee

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